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 - The Leader in Drone-Based Magnetic Surveying for Abandoned Well Locating -   



UAV Exploration Inc. is a geophysical services provider specializing in Unmanned Aerial Magnetic Surveying. We combine the latest in lightweight magnetic sensor technology, highly specialized aerial platforms and expert-level flight operations to produce the highest quality unmanned aeromagnetic surveys available.


Our crews have safely performed hundreds of magnetic survey missions across the US, having located and mapped over a thousand abandoned and orphaned wells and counting.

Our work assists renewable energy developers, CCS and gas storage clients in satisfying regulations relating to locating abandoned oil & gas wells. We also work directly for state agency’s oil & gas departments to find improperly plugged and abandoned wells.

Project Examples

Our Process

Our multi-phase approach begins with helping clients navigate the requirements of a comprehensive abandoned well survey. Next, we employ expert-level drone flight operations to ensure only quality aeromagnetic data is collected. Once aerial data is obtained, our in-field data experts identify all well-like targets for further investigation. Our field crews then utilize ground-based methods to verify and confirm identified targets, up to and including excavation. 


We recognize each abandoned well survey has unique requirements. Our goal is to provide a turn-key solution for our clients to ensure their specific project demands are met. 

 Additional Geophysical Services and Capabilities:

  • UAV-Mag for Mining & Mineral Exploration

  • UXO Detection

  • Ground-Based Magnetic/EM Surveys

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

  • Seismic Methods

  • Electrical Methods

  • Gravimetry

  • Marine Methods

  • Thermal Imaging/High Resolution RGB Imagery

Our Clients

and Partners

Drone Magnetometer Survey
UAS Magnetometer Surveying
Drone Magnetic Surveying
UAV Exploration
Drone Magnetometer Surveying
Drone Magnetic Surveying
Drone Geophysics
Orphaned Gas Wells
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Drone Geophysics
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Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells
Drone Magnetic Surveying
Aeromagnetic Surveying
Orphan Oil and Gas Wells
Mag Drone One
GEM Systems
Drone Magnetometer
Drone Oil Gas Well Locating

- our mission -


To be the recognized leader in orphaned and abandoned well locating. 

- who we are -


UAV Exploration is more than another Drone Survey Company, we are among the most experienced UAS based aerial magnetic survey operators in the US. Our company was founded over a decade ago at the forefront of the drone revolution and we pride ourselves on being the pioneering organization in drone-based magnetic surveying for abandoned well locating. We are a hard working team of pilots, geophysicists, field technicians and business professionals that strive to provide exceptional results for our clients.

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