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UAV Exploration Inc. is an aerial remote sensing provider specializing in Unmanned Aerial Magnetic Surveying. We combine the latest in magnetic sensor technology, highly specialized aerial platforms and expert-level flight operations to produce the highest quality unmanned aeromagnetic surveys available.


Our team specializes in assisting environmental firms and renewable energy developers in performing environmental due diligence and site-assessment surveys. Our geophysical surveys assist in updating outdated infrastructure and well databases, identifying construction phase threats and accurate mapping of ferrous anomalies. Typical surveys locate such anomalies as orphaned oil & gas wells, pipelines, unmarked utilities, drainage tile, USTs, and UXO.





We design and manufacture our specialized drones and cutting-edge EX-Mag™ aerial magnetometer systems in-house, in the USA. Paired with our expertise in low-level terrain following flight we provide some of the highest quality UAS aeromagnetic surveys in the industry.


Our technology allows us to conduct surveys that are too large or inaccessible for ground-based methods and too costly or impractical for manned aeromagnetic surveys.


Drone magnetic surveying is all we do. Our flight crews have safely flown thousands of line-kilometers of magnetic surveys across the US. Our team helped pioneer many developments in this field and we have committed many years to developing, testing, refining and implementing advanced technologies in our aerial survey systems and data processing to provide the best possible results for our clients.

We specialize in locating:

  • Orphaned Wells

  • Pipelines

  • Utilities

  • USTs

  • Drainage Tile

  • UXO

  • Asset Recovery   

  • and more  

Project Examples



Our team is highly experienced in custom manufacturing and drone technology implementation. We provide a wide range of value-added services to get our clients the complete results they need. Some of these services include:  

  • Ground-Based Walking Magnetic Surveys

  • Ground Recon/ Truthing/ GeoPhotos

  • Thermal Imaging

  • High Resolution RGB Imagery

  • Custom Payloads

  • Aerial EM Surveys (in development)   

- who we are -


UAV Exploration is among the most experienced UAS operators in the US. Our organization was founded nearly a decade ago at the forefront of the drone revolution and we pride ourselves on years of experience in not only unmanned systems but manned aircraft as well. Our team is comprised of pilots who know how to provide safe and efficient flight operations. We are FAA 333 and 107 certified and our company has been vetted, audited and approved under the TEEX National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program. This means we know our stuff. Our goal is to get the data our clients need by leveraging a wide array of the most modern technologies while maintaining our perfect safety record. We recognize the UAS industry is a constantly evolving environment and we strive to stay on the cutting edge to be the best operators in the industry.

- our mission -


To provide our clients with safe, precise, actionable data products by exploiting the latest in remote sensing and unmanned aerial technologies.


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